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Money saving, less worry and more reliable!

Hoopeen( provides users with comprehensive procurement services of general industrial equipment, enabling users to complete a blanket procurement plan through this site.We are not only providing business information service, but also will be deeply involved in the entire project business activities to provide users with a full range of solutions for equipment selection, installation & maintenance, etc.

Money saving: Hoopeen forges a one-stop procurement service. It has advantages of low purchasing cost and low marketing cost to benefit the end users. At the same time, it can
save their own procurement costs.

Less worry: The market is mixed with good and bad suppliers. Lack of abundant information, it is easy to make the equipment selection unreasonable or even lose money. Hoopeen carefully selects suppliers to recommend the most suitable products for you, so as to avoid misjudgments in the process of

More reliable: Hoopeen is not only a sales platform, but also a service platform; we can help enterprises from product selection and design to after-sales maintenance; Hoopeen also takes responsibility for after-sales services, so users can directly contact the original suppliers and it can be also handled by Hoopeen to achieve double protections.

In addition, we can also provide single-product cooperation model to provide complementary services for enterprises to help achieve maximum benefits.

We regard integrity as the life of the company, always stick to the principle of customer first, and strive to provide the best solutions and quality products for each customer! !Choosing Hoopen will be start of our cooperation, and the people of Hoopen sincerely look forward to your coming!