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〖WAP〗Standard Racks

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Shelves are suitable for manual loading and picking storage systems, eliminating the need for auxiliary equipment such as forklifts, saving equipment costs.


•  Light weight & high bearing capacity structure with galvanized steal panels

•  Durable panels with good aesthetics

•  Modular production of standard panels of 300mm width for easy assembly & replacement 

•  Easy assembly with snap-connections of beams and uprights 

•  Variety of accessories 





Heavy-duty racks are the most common type. They are also called selective racking because they store heavy goods and need to be used with pallets and forklifts. Heavy-duty racks have lower storage density but good picking efficiency and lower cost.


•  100% picking efficiency

•  Compatible with different types of handling equipment

•  Adjustable beams for different cargo heights

•  Variety of uprights and beams, combination of material selection for most economical and safe match





VNA racking system reduces aisle width of pallet racking, uses track guided specialized VNA lift trucks, increasing storage density by converting conventional storage space into vertical storage system.





Cartons are placed on the rollers, rack slightly tilted towards picking direction so carton slides downwards with gravity. It uses one side of the aisle for storage and the other side for pick up, thus allowing first-in, first-out, it can realize one replenishment and multiple sorting. Carton flow racking is highly efficient storage, suitable for short-term storage and item sorting of large quantities of goods. Widely used in distribution centers, assembly workshops, and warehouses with high shipping



•  One time replenishment, multiple sorting times

•  Can be installed with casters to aid production line operations


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