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〖Keper〗KP-SQL Diaphragm Pneumatic Tank

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Diaphragm Pneumatic Tank(Horizontal)

Air pressure tank / expansion tank / pressure tank

EPDM structure: EPDM, non-toxic, can be used in drinking water.

Maximum working pressure: 6bar / 10bar / 16bar; precharge pressure: 1.5bar

Medium temperature: - 10-110 ℃

Working medium: water (such as brine, glycol solution)

Material: carbon steel

Color: red, blue, black


Scope of application:
Air bag expansion tank is widely used in factories, urban residential areas, multi-storey, high-rise buildings, military facilities, railways, wharves, construction sites and other buildings for air pressure water supply, fire water supply system water supply and pressure stabilization, frequency conversion water supply and pressure stabilization, heating system water supply and pressure stabilization, Central air conditioning circulating water pressure stabilization, steam water supply and expansion system, boiler water supply and other occasions.

Equipment features:
The air bag structure inside the tank ensures that the water does not contact with the tank wall, so there is no rust inside the tank wall, no condensation outside, and the service life is greatly extended.
The airbag can relax more than 200000 times and can be used for a long time.  
It can effectively smooth the pressure fluctuation in the water system and reduce the start and stop frequency of the water pump. 
Air bag is food grade natural rubber air bag which can be used in drinking water system.

It must be inflated before use.
The inflation pressure is 0.2mpa-0.3mpa.
In the long-term use process, it is found that when the gauge pressure is lower than 0.2MPa, make up air in time.
In case of unstable gauge pressure during use, open the air make-up valve to check whether there is water outflow. If there is water outflow, it means that the diaphragm has been damaged and needs to be replaced before use.
Every 6 months of use, check and maintain regularly, check whether there is air leakage in the air make-up valve and whether the pressure gauge inspection is due.
Management files shall be established for the safety valve and pressure gauge of the air pressure tank in the health station. The safety valve shall be installed in the pipeline system according to the relevant national regulations.





气囊可舒张 20 万次以上,可长期使用。 


  1. 使用前必须先充气、后进水。

  2. 充气压力为0.2MPa-0.3Mpa

  3. 在长期使用过程中发现发现表压低于0.2MPa时及时补气。

  4. 在使用过程中出现表压不稳定,把补气阀打开检查是否有出水现象,如果有出水现象就表示隔膜已损坏需调换隔膜,再投入使用。

  5. 每使用6个月,定期进行检查维修,补气阀是否有漏气现象,压力表检验是否到期。

  6. 卫所气压罐的安全阀、压力表应建立管理档案,安全阀安装在管路系统中,按国家有关规定执行。