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〖star-boiler〗ZKS Low Nitrogen Condensation Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

AA level - industry pioneerbrand story
  • Yangzhou Sida Boiler Co., Ltd.

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Feature Description

High efficiency and energy saving
Using Korea's high efficiency Vacuum hot water boiler technology, boiler runs in a vacuum with a low boiling point of boiler water,negative pressure steam exchanges heat through heat exchanger, effectively improving the themal efficiency. It has good heat transfer performance.Boiler body adopts a design of 2 returns, wet back and bearing pressure condenser.Condenser can participate in bearing pressure hot water circulation, largely reducing exhaust gas temperature and inproving thermal efficiency.

The machine units operating in vacuum and safety
The machine units operating in vacuum.The heat media is under vacuum condition with no danger of expansion. The boiler also stores constant heat media water without danger of burning out. There are many self-protection installation with un-matchable safety features by other boilers.

Low Nox Emission
Using Star Group Self-developed low Nox burner and it can realize extra low Nox emission within 30mg/Nm3.

Abundant machine models and various usage
Warm water and life use hot water load can be switched according to needs so as to satisfy different needs of customers for war waterand life use hot water.

Elimination of complicated approval procedures
The machine units operates in vacuum, eliminating complicated approval procedures. Certificates are not necessary for operators.

New Appearance
Boiler, with whole machine delivery, adopts aluminum frame, square outsourcing, with a new and generous appearance.