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〖Biruida〗BRD-PS/Q Full-automatic water softener

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Full-automatic water softener


Product overview
     The softened water equipment takes softener valve and controller as the core, and is equipped with corresponding resin tank, salt tank, pipeline, etc. to form a full-automatic softened water equipment. The whole process of softening, backwashing, salt absorption, slow washing, fast washing and salt tank water injection can be automated. The automatic water softener is used in industrial boiler, heat exchange large-scale central air conditioning, hotel occupancy, food industry, laundry printing and dyeing, medical and health care and other behavior time control types. According to different water supply modes, it can be divided into single tank, double valve and double tank (one with double valve and double tank (common water production) and other combination forms to meet different users.


Working principle
The hardness of water is mainly composed of cations: Ca2 +, MgO. When the raw water containing hardness is absorbed by resin through the tree layer of the exchanger, and magnesium ions are released at the same time, so that the water flowing out of the exchanger is softened water with the hardness ions removed. When the resin absorbs the saturation of calcium and magnesium, the hardness of the water increases. At this time, the softener will automatically regenerate the failed resin according to the predetermined procedure, and use the higher) resin to make The failed resin was restored to sodium resin.


Product characteristics
1) High degree of automation, stable operation conditions, according to the pre-set procedures, automatic completion of softening regeneration and other cycle processes. No manual operation except adding salt for daily operation
2) High efficiency, low energy consumption and economic operation cost. Because the overall design of the water softener is reasonable, the exchange capacity of the resin can be brought into full play. The equipment adopts the jet type salt suction to replace the salt pump, which reduces the energy consumption
3) The equipment is compact in structure, small in floor area, saving capital construction investment, easy to install, debug and use, and stable in performance of operating parts.
4) Flexible selection, single tank, double tank and multi tank system, time and flow control mode, simultaneous regeneration, alternative regeneration and other operation modes can be selected as required
5) Reliable performance, stable effluent quality.
6) It has strong corrosion resistance. The tank body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, engineering plastics or stainless steel, which can avoid the corrosion of regenerant to the equipment.