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〖Biruida〗BRD high efficiency backwash filter

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BRD high efficiency backwash filter



■ Product Overview
Full automatic high efficiency backwash filter is one of the products developed by the company on the basis of introducing foreign automatic backwash filter (Patent No.: l20142138615.6). It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, reliable performance, good self-cleaning effect, convenient maintenance and use. It is a renewal product of traditional (particle filter material as medium) filtration, widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical industry, coal processing, papermaking, electric power and other industries.


■ working principle
During operation, the liquid enters the filter from the inlet, and part of the liquid enters the upper part of the filter from the middle shunt pipe. At the same time, the liquid enters from the upper and lower ports of the filter element at the same time. After passing the filter element, it collects and flows out at the outlet. The particle impurities are intercepted and accumulated to form the filter cake, which gradually increases the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter, indicating that the filter cake reaches a certain thickness. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet reaches the set pressure difference or the set time, the self-cleaning program is started, the motor drives the internal blowdown suction nozzle to align with the filter cartridge and opens the blowdown valve, then the impurities are discharged by flushing the inner surface of the filter cartridge through the reverse flow of water, then the blowdown valve is closed, and the blowdown suction nozzle is aligned with the next filter cartridge for back cleaning. After all filter cartridges are cleaned one by one, the whole backwashing process is completed.


■ product features
1) Automatic on-line continuous filtration, continuous flow during backwashing, no need for system shutdown, reduce shutdown and operation costs.
2) Low surface velocity filtration is conducive to the formation of filter cake, with better fine filtration effect, larger pollutant holding capacity, low backwash frequency and saving backwash water.
3) Unique high performance filter screen, low pressure loss, excellent backwashing effect, long service life and low maintenance cost.
4) The interface of the automatic control system is good, easy to operate, and the filter can be adjusted according to the actual needs, with high efficiency
5) Compact design, single machine can achieve large flow filtration, significantly saving installation space and construction costs.
6) Highly centralized, no need to use a large number of automatic valves, connectors, seals; long life, high reliability.
7) Do not produce disposable filter consumables, save the cost of consumables and environmental treatment costs.
8) Filter pressure loss is very small, saving energy consumption of pipeline.